Dr Judith Griffiths provides a listening ear and psychological services for clients with anxiety, depression, trauma; performance coaching and psychology for athletes; and psychological support for clients with FND and chronic pain.

Psychological support and treatment

Would you like a listening ear and guidance to help manage your nerves or stress in your life?

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Sport and Exercise Psychology

Would you like performance coaching to help you build resilience, overcome challenges and reach your potential?

Would you  like to be able to communicate better with your athletes to improve coaching outcomes?Or would you like to develop a plan for life after sport?


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FND & Chronic Pain

Are you a patient with FND and/or persistent (chronic) pain  seeking psychological support and strategies to better cope with your condition and achieve greater quality of life?


Are you struggling to adhere to your injury rehabilitation or feeling anxious about the effect that your injury will have on your life into the future?