Dr Judith Griffiths. Psychologist/Sport Psychologist.

My name is  Dr Judith Griffiths and I’m a Registered Psychologist with endorsement in Sports & Exercise  Psychology. I am based in Brisbane and I see clients locally in person, as well as across Queensland via telehealth.


I support clients to help them cope with stress, trauma, anxiety and depression and to help them improve performance in sport, business, or everyday life.


I also have experience working with patients who  experience chronic pain and Functional Neurological Disorders and I work with athletes at all levels from juniors through to high-performance and Masters athletes.


You’d be right in thinking that this is a bit of a “mixed bag”. However the fundamentals of psychological treatments are similar in that when we address a person’s core thinking and challenges, we can aim to influence more clarity of thought, coping strategies and more positive behaviour and then this flows on to their interactions with themselves and others.


You will find me to be honest and friendly and I work collaboratively with each client to help them reach their goals and get more out of life.

My qualifications

Bachelor Arts (English Literature/History)

Graduate Diploma Teaching

Bachelor Psychology (Honours)

Master of Applied Psychology (Sport and Exercise Science)

PhD (Social Psychology)

My career journey

Over the past 20+ years, I have gathered a lot of lived experience and wisdom through my tertiary qualifications and my career as a teacher and psychologist.

I have worked as a high school teacher, a researcher, and as a psychologist working with adults in community and private practice. I am also an Assistant Professor and  psychology lecturer at a leading Queensland University.

I believe that everybody has the right to live their best possible life. I am drawn to the field of psychology for the opportunity to share my knowledge and give people techniques and strategies to overcome life barriers – so that they can grow and flourish.

Kind regards